GDPR Policy

Policy Overview

The General Data Protection Regulations are a response to the increasing misuse of personal data. This may range from unwanted phone calls or junk mail, through stolen credit card details, to identity theft where another person perpetrates a crime or deception in your name. The law now recognises that our personal data (eg name, contact details, date of birth, bank accounts, medical history, etc) is our own personal property and may not be appropriated by another person without our consent, or held by anyone without our express permission. There will always law-breakers, but it is now more clear when that line has been crossed.

It may be obvious why this should apply to companies who want to send us mailshots and emails to promote their products, or even sell their mailing lists on to the highest bidder. It is also obvious that bank accounts and medical details must be accurate and secure. And it is only right and proper that we have the right to see, and if necessary challenge, the information that is held about us. But the law also applies to smaller organisations such as clubs, charities and churches.

What does Cymdeithas Cymry Casnewydd use your data for?

  • maintaining membership records and subscriptions
  • organising society events and outings, including website posts and displays
  • meeting the legal requirements for financial management, including gift aid

How do we look after your data?

  1. We acknowledge that your personal data (eg name, contact details, etc) are your own property and respect your right to make it available to us or withdraw it as you wish.
  2. We will always make our best endeavours to hold your data securely, and ensure that it is up-to-date and accurate.
  3. We will only hold data necessary for administering society membership and activities, and remove it on request or else when it is no longer relevant.
  4. Only authorised persons within the society have access to your data, and only such as falls within their area of responsibility.
  5. We will never share your data with any third party, unless required to do so by law.
  6. If you no longer wish to maintain links with us then you can let us know via
  7.     … the contact form on this website:
        … or by email:

A more detailed data protection policy for Cymdeithas Cymry Casnewydd can be viewed here.

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